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At GradeBuilder, we are committed to creating innovative and high-quality IT education accessible to everyone. We believe that with your help, we can develop and enhance educational approaches that meet modern requirements and technological advancements.

Additionally, we aim to create a more inclusive and diverse IT community. With your help, we want to understand and improve the pathways through which women can enter and advance in the world of IT and STEM

About Us

At GradeBuilder, based in Spain, we are more than just a team, we are a community of IT professionals and educators united by a single mission: to create change in the world of education. Our smart self-learning platform, envisioned to be multilingual and accessible to diverse nations, is a bridge connecting those eager for knowledge with the world of cutting-edge technologies and insights. But we go further.

In collaboration with Women in Tech, we implement free educational programmes for women, opening doors to the world of IT and STEM. Our goal is not just to educate, but to inspire and support every woman aspiring to realise her ambitions in technology and science, regardless of her location. We believe in the power of education to break down stereotypes and build bridges towards equal opportunities and innovation, transcending geographical and linguistic boundaries

Why is your participation important? 

Your responses will help us understand the current challenges and needs in the field of IT education. This research is aimed at identifying effective teaching methods, support, and skill development essential for success in the rapidly evolving technological world.

How can you help? We have prepared a series of questions covering various aspects of IT education, inclusivity, and accessibility. Your answers will provide us with valuable insights into the current state and assist in devising strategies to improve and adapt educational processes.

Also, your opinions and experiences will help us identify key barriers and opportunities faced by women in this field. This research is aimed at identifying effective ways of support and mentorship for women aspiring to develop a career in IT and STEM

Your ideas can transform the world of education! Your opinion will help us create educational programmes that meet the needs of contemporary society and contribute to the growth and development of the IT sector.


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List of our research

Take part in our research, our tests include a small number of questions


We are exploring the experiences of individuals who have engaged in online learning across various platforms. Share your journey with us and help shape the future of digital education!


This survey aims to gather insights on the effectiveness of creating specialized professional courses for women in the IT industry as a strategy to address gender inequality.


This survey seeks to understand awareness of organizations supporting women's careers and education in technology across different countries.

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